Quantum Entangled

An ongoing series of paintings; oil and pigment on Belgian Linen, 55 x 40 cm each, 2022-

The Quantum Entangled series of small-format oil paintings explore connectedness to the natural world despite, with, and through the unavoidable technological mediation of the 21st century.

In physics, the term quantum entanglement is used to describe particles connected across space. The state of quantum entangled particles is intrinsically linked to others — that is, the state of each cannot be described independently of the state of the others; there is an ‘unbreakable correlation’ between them.

Sparked by nature photographs, many sourced from the infinite scroll on social media platforms, each painting in the series represents a push and pull between algorithmic and traditional painting techniques. The subject of each painting goes through various stages of modulation from its biological origin to an increasingly artificial/algorithmic representation before being reclaimed as an organic object, albeit a cultural rather than a ‘natural’ one, through the process of classical oil painting on linen. Thus the supposed boundaries between nature, culture, and tech are troubled, complicated, and eroded in a way that resonates with ecosystems around us on this living planet in these times of climate catastrophe.

And that's only half the story, Plus-One Gallery, curated by Pieter Jan Valgaeren, Antwerp, 2023
Marvelous Eruptings in the Everyday, SAP Space, curated by Sarah Davies, Berlin, 2023
A Software for Feeling, DAM Projects, curated by Wolf Lieser, Berlin, 2023
For Now, Villa Grisebach, in cooperation with Office Impart, Dusseldorf, 2023
Glimmer Shrine, Tang Contemporary, curated by Charlotte Lin, Hong Kong, 2022
Infinite Intrusion, Basement Wien / Parallel Vienna, curated by Claudia-Maria Luenig, Vienna, 2022
Selected photos courtesy of Tang Contemporary Hong Kong
Selected photos by Ea Bertrams and courtesy of DAM Projects