Acrylic pen on polypropelene paper, wall painting (2019 -)

The Entanglements series of line drawings form a sort of diagram of the philosophical and emotional backdrop to the rest of Gretta Louw's practice. Each drawing in the ongoing series depicts a web of interwoven strands of something that might be cables, tentacles, threads, or vines. Tangled and knotted together the works suggest both ropes that bind and ties that connect us; hopelessly - or hopefully - entangled.

Marvelous Eruptings in the Everyday, SAP Space, curated by Sarah Davies, Berlin, 2023
Beyond the Matter: Impressions of Eva Hesse, Galerie der Kuenstler, curated by Katie Britchford, Munich, 2023
Hope on the Edge, Yvonne Hohner Contemporary, curated by Anabel Roque Rodriguez, Karlsruhe, 2022
Automatic Dreams, Galerie Wundersee, curated by Florian Kuhlmann, Dusseldorf, 2021
Install photos at Galerie der Kuenstler by Leonie Felle
Selected photos by Andreas Wundersee