• The Cloud is an ongoing series of works - incorporating digital collages, video, performance, and installation - which addresses the absurdity of marketing strategies around so-called cloud computing.

    "Louw's digital collage The Cloud offers an excellent entrance into her work. The piece exemplifies her critical approach to the Internet. Superficially, the image is a bizarre, even kitsch, conglomeration and duplication of images like those with which we are more than familiar from Internet related advertising. The basis of the picture is a series of more or less diagram-like images of clouds, along with an outstretched arm with open hand. These, the artist combines and multiplies again and again so as to create a veritable flood into an endless space - a contemporary interpretation of a baroque ceiling fresco.

    The quality of the piece lies in the interaction between the conceptual content and its implementation. These are pictures that are used by diverse Internet corporations as advertisements for "cloud computing"... This "cloud" is advertised as a mystical, utopian place in the data ether; unreal and heavenly. It is exactly these associations that Louw exaggerates in her collage to the point of ridicule. The piece is a biting commentary on the deceptive strategies of the commercial Internet."

    - excerpt from "Art, Medium and Cultural Change - Gretta Louw's Critical Aesthetic of the Internet" by Benedikt Stegmayer, in Works / Arbeiten 2011-2014, Gretta Louw (Ed), Verlag Einraumhaus c/o, Mannheim, Germany.