• The Face-Swap Archive is an exploration of the monstrous in algorithmic sight. The approximately 100 video clips explore the weird side of selfie culture and descend into the depths of the uncanny valley. While most selfie apps appeal to our vanity, offering us more attractive, likeable, perfect versions of ourselves, face-swap technology offers the opposite: a horrifying glimpse of ourselves distorted through an algorithmic lens. The expansive collection illuminates the parameters according to which an algorithm defines, or "recognises" a face - often resulting in bizarre errors like a dress hanging on a coat hanger that somehow becomes a mask to be worn. These diverse digital masks - real faces, either fitting or unrecognisably distorted, and occasionally objects, shadows, or patterns that the app’s algorithm detects as faces - are stretched like cloth over the face and as the subject in the videos moves, plays with the mask, and interacts with it, we begin to get a sense of its materiality. Humans have always understood themselves through their social interactions, we value ourselves in large part according to our evaluation of how others see us; as we spend more time looking into the mirror of our smartphones, how will this perception be shifted to accommodate not only how other people see us, but also our tech?

    The Face-Swap Archive was commissioned for the exhibition Selfciety at the whiteBOX Gallery in Munich in January 2017, curated by Benjamin Jantzen. --> Video documentation of The Face-Swap Archive <-- installation at whiteBOX.