• YAMA is an ongoing media, installation, and digital art project by Warnayaka Art Centre, a remote indigenous-owned and operated art centre in the Warlpiri community of Lajamanu on the edge of the Tanami Desert in central Australia, with collaborating artist Gretta Louw. The project is centred around a physical installation - a variation on the traditional yujuku (humpy) shelter - by lead artist Neil Jupurrurla Cook, and incorporates multimedia sculpture, paintings on canvas, 'junk art' by local artists, digital art works, new works by local filmmakers, a series of cultural events, and a community-led YAMA web component. This was the first time that installation or digital art was exhibited in Lajamanu.
    Photos by Gretta Louw. The project was supported by the Australian Government through its funding body the Australia Council.

    Works from the YAMA project were shown in the Power of Place exhibition, curated by Sharmila Wood and FORM, at the State Theatre Centre in Perth, Australia. The exhibition catalogue, including articles by Gretta Louw and Neil Jupurrurla Cook is available online.

    A site-specific version of the YAMA installation is in an exhibition called Networking the unseen, curated by Gretta Louw with Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett, at Furtherfield Gallery in London. The exhibition will run until August 14th, 2016.