• "The Internet shapes how we think and provides an outlet for our most base thoughts as well as our higher ones. People say, as Louw notices, plentty of stupid things online. And yet the artist takes it upon herself to confront it. The piece Hashtag Feminism epitomizes this project, moving between physical and virtual life to create a representation of contemporary feminism, both its proponents and its half-baked critics.
    In the videos, Louw, sitting in her kitchen in front of her computer, reads through unfiltered Twitter search results for tweets related to feminism in as neutral a tone as she can manage, despite the often vociferous content of the short lines. The length of the videos is determined by how long the artist's son is napping, a confrontation between the reality of motherhood and the reality of life as a woman online.
    The piece's composition also references the econmoic restrictions of being a working mother and the difficulties of creating a life around art that also includes a family. Combined with a live-updating feed from Twitter that shows how users are interpreting feminism in real-time, the piece is a poignant composite depiction of the texture of digital life."

    - excerpt from "Cynical Authenticity, or the Internet's Joan of Arc" by Kyle Chayka, in Works / Arbeiten 2011-2014, Gretta Louw (Ed), Verlag Einraumhaus c/o, Mannheim, Germany.

  • Hashtag Feminism has been shown in the solo exhibition Me Vs Internet by Gretta Louw, curated by Benedikt Stegmayer, at the Stadtgalerie Mannheim, in 2014, and in the two person show Representation and Reality, curated by Benedikt Stegmayer and Frantisek Zachoval, at AVU Gallery, Prague, in 2014.